Revive; verb: to give new strength or energy to

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Rally and Revive Massage Therapy, Inc has been serving the greater Manchester area for nearly 8 years. We were founded on the principle that self care is an important part of life and should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

We blend clinical and traditional techniques in order to deliver quality care to our clients. We truly know and understand muscles and how they work. It’s our goal to help you achieve a healthier, pain free lifestyle.


Our Services

We thrive working with anyone suffering injury, be it mild or chronic. Our therapists thoroughly enjoy the process of assisting in rehabilitating muscles back to a fully functioning state.

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Bring Massage to Your Office Space

R and R has everything you need to bring massage to your next corporate event. Consider us for Employee or Customer appreciation days.

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Helpful Tips and Tricks

We’re big fans of holistic healthcare. And food. Check out our blog for recipes, updates on the office and tips for being your best self.  

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Our Practice

We are located at 1358 Elm St, in the heart of Manchester, NH.


Our goal is to help you live a healthier, pain free life!

— Audrey

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