Our Story

Rally and Revive Massage Therapy is located in the heart of downtown Manchester. Licensed Massage Therapist, Audrey Bowden wanted to open a place where anyone battling pain could come and heal, without breaking the bank.

Knowing and understanding the human body, kinesiology and proprioception, is the key to providing quality massage therapy and the foundation on which R&R was built. Being able to relate to people, understand their pain, and feel what they feel, is what makes our services unparalleled.

For over 8 years, Rally and Revive has been helping to bring a better sense of health and wellness to our amazing clients. We blend advance techniques and intuition to give you a deeply therapeutic experience.

Our goal is to provide you an avenue of escape from the mundane tasks of every day life. Whether you’re an athlete looking for long term relief, a 9-fiver in need of some peace of mind or somewhere in between, we’re certain you can find it here.