At R&R, we hold ourselves to a high standard, which is why we operate at a certain level of professionalism, both morally and ethically.

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We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete a brief intake form. Here, you will disclose any health related concerns and acknowledge our cancellation policy.

Before the Session

Your therapist will go through your intake form and discuss your expectations for the session. Usually we ask about activities, range of motion and level of pressure. This is the time to be very specific about what bothers you. Many clients will ask how far to undress. The answer is, to your level of comfort. Our clients are NEVER exposed!

During the Massage

We want all of your clients to enjoy their time with us, therefore, we encourage communication if at any point during the treatment you’re uncomfortable.

After Session

Take your time getting up and dressed. It’s not uncommon to feel dizzy or lightheaded immediately after a massage. Directly following your treatment, your therapist will meet you in the waiting area with some water. Sometimes, clients will experience a soreness following a massage. This is typical, however, can sometimes be an indicator that too much pressure was used. Please be sure to mention any adverse affects to your therapist!

our aim is to give you the best experience