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Corporate Wellness Starts at $65 per Hour

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Swedish Massage $60/$80/$125

The perfect massage for beginners. Gentle intensity designed to promote rest and restoration. Book 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes or a 2 Hour Session.

Deep Tissue Massage $60/$80/$125

Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective ways to reduce chronic pain, increase joint mobility and restore proper muscle function.

Ashiatsu Massage 90 Min/$80

Barefoot massage utilizes soft, clean feet to apply broad and deep pressure across the body. Your therapist will utilize their full body weight and the laws of gravity to help provide a therapeutic massage without discomfort.

Prenatal Massage $60/$80/$125

Care for your body all throughout your pregnancy. Alleviate any discomfort from muscular tension and focus on the most joyous times of what’s to come.

Hot Stone Massage $88/90 Minutes

Hot stones deliver heat to the deepest muscles of the body. A great way to keep warm in the cold, winter months, while specifically targeting stubbourn muscles.

Cupping Therapy $68/$88/$133

Fire Cupping or Sport Cupping; Cupping is the ancient method of using negative pressure to lift and separate tissue. Where traditional Swedish massage utilizes downward pressure, cupping employs suction to bring stagnant blood to the surface and promote the circulation of fluid.

Favored Feet $68/$88/$133

The perfect way to restore your foundation. A hot stone massage accompanies hot towels and luxurious scrub to brighten and polish tired feet.

Kinesiology Taping $68/$88/$133

A special tape is applied to clean, smooth skin in order to help improve range of motion and decrease pain in a centralized location.

Suana Session $12/25 Min/ $100/10 Pack

Can you take the heat? The dry heat gradually builds up to approximately 104 degrrees and is a great way to help initiate the healing process before receiving a massage. Packages available for frequent flyers.

Couples Massage $70/$90/$135 (per person)

Truly relax with someone you love. Couples Massage is available by request only. We recommend giving us a call to make your special occasion that much better.