What to Expect

You’ll be asked to arrive 15 Minutes early to your first appointment to fill out some paperwork. After, you’ll be able to tell your therapist exactly what’s bothering you and how we can help. Your therapist will take you through a couple of questions to understand your preferences and how we can better serve you.

Great communication makes a great massage. Be sure to tell your therapist if at any point the pressure is too much or inadequate.

When your session has ended, you’ll receive a hot towel and a bottle of water.

After Your Appointment

It’s not uncommon to feel pain or soreness after a massage. This is kind of like the ache you get after a good workout. There have been reports of individuals getting sick within 24 hours of their appointment. This can happen if your body is already fighting off a cold, if you’ve recently received the flu vaccine or if your immune system is already compromised.

It’s important to take mental note of how you feel before the massage in order to better assess how you feel after.